Looe business earning ‘green’ credentials as an eco friendly hotel in Cornwall

I’m really excited that we have a member of staff attending a Green Foundation Course at the Eden Project. The course is designed to help businesses in Cornwall prepare for the coming changes in legislation regarding climate change.  At Polraen Country House, we strive to be increasingly environmentally friendly as conservation and concern for our environment have always been key considerations for us in running our family business over the last 11 years. We’ve gradually incorporated policies from recycling and housekeeping routines to careful selection of cleaning products and toiletries, from double glazing our windows to insulating our roof, replacing our freezers and boiler and changing all our light bulbs in order to lower our carbon footprint. Our efforts to date have been recognised by receiving a ‘Green Acorn Award’ from the South East Cornwall Tourism Association.

But now, we have a staff member totally inspired and full of enthusiasm to ensure that we focus on some new initiatives to further improve our ‘green’ credentials. We’ve nick named her ‘the eco warrior’. Sometime in the not too distant future, I feel that solar powered hot water and photo voltaic generation will be a reality for us together with extended composting and even closer scrutiny of the ingredients in our cleaning products and food miles on our menu!! And our volunteer work with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust in promoting and helping to run marine activities on behalf of the Looe Voluntary Marine Conservation Area is part of the bigger picture – along with encouraging our guests to take the bus or train into Looe rather than their car.

Thought for the Day:

Rome wasn’t built in a day (!) and we are only a little micro business but if we focus on one project at a time, eating away at our carbon footprint in bite size chunks, the sum of the whole is greater than we could ever imagine. Together, we can all make a difference…………..

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