Film crew use Polraen on location in Looe Valley

Interesting day yesterday as a film production company (crew of 25+) and endless vehicles set up camp at Polraen Country House in the car park at 5.45 am to start filming a movie (being produced by James Biddle of BigTalk Productions, producer of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’). It’s a horror movie, set in Ireland but being filmed on location here in Cornwall and most specifically, here in the beautiful Looe Valley, so I’ve loaded a few pix to give appropriate credit to the stunning countryside that surrounds Polraen here in the beautiful Looe Valley which on this occasion, is doubling for the verdant pastures of Ireland.

With a log fire burning in Polraen’s  bar to greet them and the hotel providing a warm retreat throughout the day, we were invited to the catering wagon to have breakfast alongside the crew.  (Have to say the egg and bacon wasn’t a patch on Martin’s but very nice to have someone else cook it for you!)

The film is about a young couple setting out on holiday, who can’t find the hotel they are booked into and get horribly lost…….and things start happening. It’s being  filmed on location at various spots throughout South East Cornwall with Bodmin Moor being used for the spooky bits and a pub somewhere further west doubling as the hotel they can’t find………

Much of the action yesterday was filming the couple inside their car as they set out at the start of their holiday.  They drive at speed over an unmanned level crossing at Trenant, across Terras Bridge before hurtling up the hill towards Treworgey. They had to wait for the tide to come up the Looe River so they could film from the water and they needed to avoid filming when the Looe Valley Line train put in an appearance. Various local talents were pulled in. Rob Chapman from Trenant Holiday Cottages supplied a boat and his services to steer his inflatable rib for the camera man and director. James Chudleigh from the Rowing Club/RNLI was called upon to provide health and safety advice, which he gave very succinctly: “Don’t Fall In!”


Filming continued after dark under arc lights in the car park at Polraen, recreating day light to film the couple discussing/arguing inside the car. Interesting concept because the actor and actress don’t know the plot……….apparently an experimental approach to capture better reactions when things start happening to them/going wrong.

The film crew have departed for now……but will be returning in the next couple of weeks to film in Kilminorth Woods and Pelynt. They didn’t leave until about 7.00pm so it’s a very long day but they eat well (enjoyed an excellent lunch too courtesy of  Roast Catering – location caterers for TV & Film.) Playing host to a film crew does monopolise your time …. but it was all very interesting and a great experience  – the kind of thing we’d entertain during the quieter months of the year! Unless there’s a bigger budget………..!

The film ‘In Fear’ will be out next year.



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