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Network Rail equipment cabin - road safety hazard

We hear Network Rail have moved their crews up north and are temporarily halting work in Cornwall…………. But we are not running out of steam! We raised questions at Cabinet Council meeting on Tuesday. Portfolio Holders for Planning and Transport are “shocked” to see the photos of what is happening at Sandplace Station. Legal opinions being sought. Onsite visit from Highways regarding road safety issues created by the placement of this gross equipment cabin which obstructs the views of motorists travelling north on the B3254 heading towards a narrow bend over a walled bridge (a 60 mph road with no footpath). So it’s OK to look after your passengers on the train is it Network Rail but when they exit your station, you don’t care if they get run over by a car?? School children and regular bus users stand here and have to step out into the path of oncoming traffic to cross the road or flag the bus down……….. 

We also met with the Campaign for Rural England and received phone calls from residents in Calstock who are just beginning to learn that masts are going up along the Tamar in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a World Heritage Site.  Where are the planning rules to protect us?? If you love the countryside, and treasure all the assets we have in rural Cornwall, please show your support on our  STOP THE MAST Facebook campaign. 

STOP PRESS – Friday 4 Feb 2011
 A breakthrough was achieved at today’s meeting Friday 4 Feb. Who would have thought a little community like Sandplace could stop Network Rail in its tracks!! But yes, after a well presented argument by local residents and with the backing of MP Sheryll Murray, and support of Councillors Armand Toms and Richard Pugh, we’ve succeeded in getting Network Rail to agree to a temporary stop on any further work on the Sandplace Mast until the matter is taken up with the Secretary of Transport.  

At Perranwell the mast appeared "out of the blue"

It’s still a tough battle as we’re challenging Network Rail’s interpretation of an EU directive! But if a Portsmouth pub landlady can convince European legal opinion that Sky has no legal right to stop people using cheaper non-UK decoders to watch the footie on the TV, then the residents of Sandplace can take on Network Rail. A small victory for democracy today. But we’ve only won the battle – not the war…………..  

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  1. Good for you. I drive past twice a day and wondered what was going on. Hope campaign is successful.

  2. We had a Network Rail mast erected next to our property without any warning and I am now suffering serious health problems which my doctor and specialist has linked to the mast.
    Please take a look at my website for my story.
    I now have to sleep in my car outside of the village.
    Thank you


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